I cannot create a new user


I want to create a new user but I can’t. I need your help.

the ways I’ve tried

  1. https://docs.ghost.org/install/ubuntu/#create-a-new-user-
  2. https://docs.ghost.org/faq/root-user-fix/

I’m opening the “putty” app. then I enter “root”. When I Type "adduser ", I always get an error that I don’t know the solution.

  1. Picture: http://prntscr.com/mnzour
  2. Picture: http://prntscr.com/mnzp9g

I need your help to resolve this problem. because of this problem, I cannot perform the" Disqus " plugin and the editing of the site language…


You do not have to use the arrow brackets when you type the username, i.e.

adduser kaan


the problem has been resolved. thank you, everyone.

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