I created my own website with Ghost

Guys, I created my own portfolio website using Ghost on AWS. You can check it out and show some love.

Please check and leave your feedback here. Your valuable ideas and suggestions will be helpful for me to improve the experience on my website.

The blog section is still under construction and I will publish it soon.


Congratulations! Which theme do you use?

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Thank you. I built the frontend from scratch. Still working on it. I didn’t finished blog section yet.


It’s and excellent site and looks great while being very easy to read. The only think that I noticed that could be improved is that the cursor changes to a circle when hovering on desktop (looks like an iPad pointer). On desktop, the pointer should stay as an arrow.

Looking forward to seeing what you creating moving ahead!

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Thank you

I will look into this. Just want to give Apple website feeling to visitors.

Just curious why u choose AWS instead of digitalocean

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I have startup credits for two years as a AWS partner.

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Site looks fantastic. Good luck!

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Thank you @pureflo :heart_eyes:

Really cool website, gives me the Apple website theme and feel.

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Thank you @Paul2 for the compliments.