I'm so lazy - [ghost one click start button script]


Is there some way - like bat file or smth that would automatically
cd to my ghost folder, then just run ghost start and open http://localhost:2368
all that just by me clicking on it?

I hate command prompt -.-


Well, You said you are lazy that’s why I have spent some time and manadged to make something working for you.

Add the following code in .bat file and save that file. double click that file.

I assume you have your ghost folder in C: driver. In case not. Change the second line C:\ghost with your ghost folder path.

@ECHO off
CD /D C:\ghost
CMD /C "ghost start"
start /wait http://localhost:2368/

ECHO Do you want to restart or stop Ghost?

set /P c=[ enter R=restart / S=Stop ]?
if /I "%c%" EQU "R" goto :restart
if /I "%c%" EQU "S" goto :stop
goto :choice

CMD /C "ghost restart"
goto :choice

CMD /C "ghost stop" 

GIST: https://gist.github.com/biswajit-saha/9d44cfc5769f2dc236683651bf3a5adb


excellent! Thanks a lot. :smile:
may long live one click solutions :smile:

This should come with every installation. LOL


That’s bit crazy :smiley: anyway I am glad that it helped you.


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