Image preview under post headings in Solo

I’m using Solo and haven’t customised it much at all because (a) I like it and (b) I wouldn’t know how to. However, there’s one thing I don’t like about the homepage view. I’ve put up one post and you can see the heading for it, but nothing else until you click on the heading and see the full post. I would like to have a preview of the image (or just the full image actually) from the post shown under the heading. Is that possible? I can link to the website if it’s not clear what I mean here.

Solo should be showing the featured image. But for it to do that, you have to give it a featured image. Did you? You put the featured image up ABOVE the title - there’s a special spot for it in the editor. See image below.

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Hi Cathy,

I didn’t spot that! Thanks so much.


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No worries! Happy Ghost-ing!

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