Image thumbnail not showing for WhatsApp sharing of posts

We have a website called Trending News wala

when I am sharing any post on whatsapp thumbnail is not coming

Please help me how it will come I am new in Ghost

I’ve run into this problem as well. Any help would be great.

  • URL: .
  • Ghost Version: 3.30.2
  • Configuration:
    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (AWS Lightsail)
    • MySQL 5.7.30 (AWS Lightsail)
    • Static IP through AWS Lightsail
    • DNS managed via Cloudflare
  • Browser: Google Chrome 83.0.4103.119
  • Error Messages: None

Just adding more information here.

On iMessage, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the appropriate cover image shows up, i.e. social media image set in General Settings or the image set in the post. For some reason, the same functionality doesn’t seem to work on WhatsApp (iOS). When sharing the main page, no image shows up and when sharing a post, it shares the publication icon/logo.

From what I can tell, the <meta og> attributes seem to be set in {{ghost_head}}. From these posts (here and here), I get the sense that we’re not supposed to edit those directly.

I’m not sure why WhatsApp interprets these differently, but it seems to.