Images from Airtable to Ghost

I am working on a website where we have data in Airtable containing a mix of text and images data. From each row in Airtable, we are creating a post on Ghost using and experiencing some issues. For formatting the post, provides us an HTML based space to add our content from Airtable. The images that we pull this way were disappearing after some time, making us learn that they are expiring URLs.

We then tried to find a solution, one of which was to use URLs for those images, and not the image files files. Please note that these image files are in Airtable cells, one per cell, and a total of 4 images. Total number of rows in Airtable (or corresponding posts in Ghost) is 6000. This leads to total of 24,000 images.

We used Google drive to copy these images from Airtable and store them in Google drive, then get a direct embed link through, and paste it in Airtable to use for scenarios. However, when we try to create so many links through, it started asking for Captcha multiple times, and it has now become impractical.

An alternative that we figure out then was to use OneDrive for storing these images, and creating direct embed link from there. That also is now giving issues.

I wanted to ask, if there is a simple solution for something like this that we are missing out? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Can you back up a little bit and explain what the goal is? Do you need to move the data once, or do you need it to stay synchronized?

If you just need to copy it over once, consider something like this:

@Cathy_Sarisky it will be imported once in the beginning, and then we would have new entries in Airtable, which would be synced on daily basis. Custom coding / API Integration is something that the client don’t want to, or can’t invest in.