Import from / Hugo?

Hi All,

Has anyone tackled importing from (which is a hosted flavor of Hugo I think) to Ghost?

Hi @lesliecamacho
I heard about from you & went to give it a try importing from

So i tried to register on the site… & when i clicked on registration button i got the following warning from My Antivirus…

For some point the site is not safe… Stat way from the site as soon as possible.

Thanks for reporting this. I’m the founder of and I’ve never seen this before. I think your antivirus software must have flagged incorrectly. I’m not aware of any issues and the site should certainly be safe to use. (If anyone has other details, please let me know:

As for importing… itself can import from Ghost format, and it also has a WordPress export that might be a good path for going from to Ghost.

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Hi @manton
Its nice to meet you… I just want to let you know its not the entire … but just on the registration page…

May be you are right my Antivirus is flagging it incorrectly.