Inner Selfies @ The AGO

Inner Selfies @ The AGO

Inner Selfies is an interactive open-community public art project by Hanif Janmohamed and Maria Lantin for the Art Gallery of Ontario - it’s built with Ghost!

Try out our Inner Selfie Drawing Tool - Make and post your own Inner You! Download a printable Polaroid!

This project is an exploration of the sense of self. We all have one, and yet when we look at who is doing the pointing, we can’t find any particular thing, just a field of sensations which is the thing that we were pointing at in the first place. What a strange folding-in-on-itself.

The artists invite us to reflect on self and no-self and to consider questions about our selfie culture. The visual metaphor of a Brain Scan provides the frame for a co-creation of thoughtful, human-made, poetic representations of identity and self.