Installing 2nd Ghost instance on DigitalOcean

I have setup Ghost on DigitalOcean using the 1 click image. Everything works well.

I tried installing the 2nd instance of Ghost but I’m having an issue with MYSQL. I got the password of the mysql user “ghost” which I am using in the 2nd installation but it fails when Ghost starts.

Do I need to create a different mysql user for each ghost instance?

@harishchouhan What does the Support from DigitalOcean says to your Problem?

I think your guess about “another MySQL” could be the Solution… But that’s just me. :wink:

Can you provide more information about the error you are encountering? Also, is the mylsq user/pass the same as that used in the first install?

Hi, Thanks for replying.

The issue was resolved after I have the user “ghost” privileges to the new database for the 2nd site.

I had faced similar issue last year. Is there some detailed guide that explains how to install 2nd site using the Ghost 1-click image on Digital Ocean?

If you search on Google you will find several tutorials that cover this topic, including one from DO:

It’s a bit old, but the general principles still apply.

I found manually creating a new MySQL database and user for the new site and then specify those details during install. Also check the port number that the new Ghost site is on (ghost ls) and make sure that matches the nginx config.

Yes that was the setup I used few years ago. DO now has 1-click image and using the Ghost CLI, its very simple to setup.

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Yes that makes sense. This time I just used the same DB user “ghost”, created a new DB and grant this user access to the new DB.

Yes, I wrote a guide to it after figuring it out myself, piecing it together from various outdated other posts.

I used the root mysql user, and didn’t need to create a new database.

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@dana reads very nice, thanks for sharing. :+1:

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