Integrate Flask-login with Ghost authentication

I have a self-hosted Ghost site and a separate Flask application that requires authentication prior to use (powered by Flask-login). At present, users need to authenticate to two separate systems. I would like to have just one. Any ideas from the technically minded on how best to accomplish this?

I’m interested in something similar. Did you make any progress @Fred_Zimmerman?

You might want a single sign on provider setup for this and configure both flask-login and Ghost with OAuth

Sounds sensible. Can you say a bit more about how one would do that?

You can use oauthlib for python (specifically ‘from oauthlib.oauth2 import WebApplicationClient’ and go from there)
As for Ghost, you’ll need an SSO adapter configured to talk OAuth2.
For both sides you will need to do the whole OAuth 2.0 dance : receive the callback(hence the Authorization Code) , make the token request, get the Access Code and figure out the user with another call to userinfo endpoint