Is grouping tags possible

I am making a website for a music jam group. They post the songs that they are going to cover on their site. So they add a Post, tag it “Song” and “January-20-2020”. These tags organize it. But they are adding a tag for artist too so for example: “Beatles”. Now I would like to filter out all the artist tags into a list or on a page so that I only see artists tags and not date tags or channel tags.

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/
  artist: /artist/{slug}/

Above does not work obviously, but I tried. Any suggestions on how I might accomplish this?

hey you can exclude your selected tags from the loop via below example code

{{#get "tags" limit="all" filter="tags:-[tag-1, tag-2]" include="count.posts" order="count.posts desc"}}
- --- -----
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Yeah, great idea… thanks. It will take some regular maintenance though. I could probably use internal tags for this too. If I had them tag all artists with a hashtag “#ArtistName” I am not using internal tags for anything else. I should be able to “get” them and spit them out alphabetically?

Yes you could use Internal tags as well