Is it possible to build a site like using ghost?

I have an existing website: SimpleAsWater.
I want to shift the website to Ghost while preserving the website structure(I’m building my own theme for this).

Here is the structure of the website:

Main Page

Has a number of “main sections”

  • ipfs
  • libp2p
  • ipld

Here is how it looks like:

Section Home Page

Navigating to a specific section(let’s say ipfs) will lead to a dashboard like page:

  • The sidebar has standard sections(same for “main sections”)
  • And the body has an index of different posts.

When you click a link in the body or sidebar, you are navigated to a post.

So, is it possible to keep this structure while using Ghost?

If you are building your own theme, pretty much anything is possible.

Using existing themes, the basic idea is possible though it would probably look a bit different.

Another possibility is to deploy two instances of ghost, one that services the landing page and another the article view…