Is it possible to include a contract e-signing during member signup?

Hi everyone,

I am evaluating Ghost(Pro). The premium membership I want to offer to subscribers requires the signing of an advisory contract by regulators. Is it possible to have a contract pdf with e-signing embedded into the signup workflow? i.e. they would read and e-sign the contract and then choose their subscription option before being given access to the website.


Hey :wave:t3:Thanks for sharing your use case - that’s certainly a unique idea. Fortunately Ghost is extremely flexible, so it’s possible to achieve most things with an integration, or via our API.

The most simple solution I can think of is to use an automation tool like Zapier in conjunction with a dedicated contract signing tool.

For example, I found this:

You could turn the sign up flow in Ghost off by turning Allow free member signup off. Then you can setup a custom sign up flow in your theme using your contract tool, which automatically pipes members into Ghost once people have signed the contract. Once the member is created in Ghost, they’ll be able to log in to your site, and from there you can optionally present paid plans to new members.

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