Is there a way to embed .mp3?

It looks like Spotify and Soundcloud embeds are supported, but is there a way for me to upload/embed an .mp3 file straight into a post?

(e.g. like with a YouTube video)

Hey @jsh4 :wave:
If you wanted to embed audio like the way you embed videos with YouTube I would use Soundcloud or Spotify. The benefits of these services is how they handle the audio for you and how they handle the UI. You could certainly upload an mp3 in your assets directory and then use an <audio> element to present it on the page, however you’ll not get nearly the same user experience as embedding the audio with Soundcloud or another service.

This is merely my opinion though, it really depends on your use case :blush:


Cool. In that case, uploading & linking to Soundcloud sounds like an appealing option to me at the moment… thanks David!


In this post, you can see how to embed Spotify music to website.