Is there any way to Verify Android App Links on a Ghost Blog?



I have developed an Android app for my Ghost powered blog and at the moment I’m implementing deep links between the app and the blog. For that, I have to verify my domain as per the guideline.

Is it possible to create a directory called .well-known on the root directory of the domain and expose it while using ghost?


Any ideas? :thinking:


I have done this for my blog. In case if someone needs to know how did I do it, here’s how.

  • Login to the web server via FTP or SFTP.
  • Navigate to /var/www/ghost/system/nginx-root
  • Create or drag and drop the .well-known folder along with the json file. (folder may not visible unless you check with ls -a command via ssh

How this is possible:
The default ghost NGINX configuration allows all files to be fetched in /.well-known folder. If you go through the NGINX config, you will be able to see the web root folder.

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