Issue with importing content


I have an issue with importing content in my new instance. I followed the Ubuntu installation guide and everything works fine.

When I want to import my .Json file with the webui or ghost-cli nothing happens. Even weirder ghost cli says import is successful but nothing shows up in management interface.

I checked the logs but didn’t find anything relevant.

Thanks for the help !

Importing is asynchronous through the admin panel. Did you get an email that it finished?

How did you generate the json? Might it be empty?

I never get the email that it finishes. The Json is full and has been generated through the standard export button from the admin interface.

What’s the file size of the json?

7M and the max size for file uploads is 50M on the server

Increase size of PHP.ini

The file uploads fine, I even have the popup that says that my content is importing

I have had the same happen with a few customers and was unable to properly track it down to one conclusive source.

One issue was that the export that was being imported came from Substack and had some missing fields, another had to do with a storage adapter. The logs in both cases were just an unspecific “database error”.

So, I am curious whether it might be related to any of these things? Where is the import coming from and are you using anything other than the “plain” installation of Ghost?

The json comes from another ghost installation so nothing weird I think

Hm, what’s the version on the other Ghost site the import is from?
(might be a long shot, but something like that would be the only other thing I could think of at the moment)

Same version: 5.83.4 if I’m correct

Might be a different one, since 5.80.5 was just released today, but if they are on the same, then my theory goes down the drain either way :smiley:

And yeah, I am out of ideas then. Sorry for not being more helpful in this.

One other thing you could try: run Ghost with --verbose – that might give you better logs to debug this.

A step I’d take in debugging this would be to try importing a few posts from the JSON file and see if that works.

If so, you could then try splitting the JSON file up into smaller chunks to see if that improves your success rate. We have a tool to assist with this: GitHub - TryGhost/gctools: Command line utilities for working with Ghost content

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