Japanese Typo bug 日本語入力が壊れてる


↓ bug behavior

Sorry @ttokdev, but you’d need to provide more explanation to why and what you consider a bug. And please use English as very few people on the forum would be able to provide help :slight_smile:

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Thank you. ok, I try to use English :slightly_smiling_face:
I installed ghost v3.12.1(node version 12.10.0) in local using ghost-cli.
I accessed http://localhost:2368/ghost
and the editor to write a post(http://localhost:2368/ghost/#/editor/post/{POST_ID})

ok then, I’ll write the bug’s behavior.
Generally, Japanese Input flow is Input → ( [Conversion(optional)] → ) Fixed.

Input : typing some characters to write a word. and you are “pending” these characters. - you can indentify depending on whether underline of the word exist or not

Conversion : If you press Space key in “pending”, you can choose the prediction or other characters like katakana and kanji (default hiragana).

Fixed: If you press Enter key(←It’s important! because that is same key to start a new line.), you decide a word and end “pending”.

1.A bug of the title area

When I press Enter key at the time of Fixed, a word is duplicated at a new line (a first line in the content area) and the editor is turned off focus.

2.Bugs of the content area

It’s complicated :tired_face:

A.If I type a character when there is nothing on the line, that character come to be Fixed instantly though I don’t press enter key. and input position moves to the furthest on the left.

B.When I press Enter key in the flow of InputFixed, Words to the right of where you started typing move to the next line and characters that was pending are duplicated in the previous line.

C. When I press Enter key in the flow of InputConversionFixed, Words to the right of where you started typing move to the next line.

D.When I press Enter key at the time of Fixed at the furthest to the right, input positon moves to the furthest on the left

E.When I delete “pending” characters, these are duplicated in same line and one character is deleted.

you should to note that [B-D] and [C-D] occur at same time.
All same things occur in the editor for Pages. these don’t in the other text form like Tags, Code injection and so on.
I don’t know that I was able to explain about a bug using my poor English :ghost:

↓video: bug’s behavior

Mac OS X 10.14.4
Google Japanese Input
ghost version 3.12.1
node version 12.10.0

I tried
node version 8.16.0 → ghost version 1.26.0
node version 10.13.0 → ghost version 2.37.0

Hey @ttokdev! Thanks for detailed explanation. Ghost editor is relying on mobiledoc-kit underneath, and this issue seems to be similar to problems that have been reported there already. For example this one:

I think the best way to go around these bugs if to report them directly in mobiledoc-kit’s repository - Issues · bustle/mobiledoc-kit · GitHub, if they were not reported there already. Ghost would be able to update to a newer version of mobiledoc-kit once the problems are fixed there. Otherwise there’s not much we can do on Ghost’s side.

Oh… I see. This problem had existed for two years :sob:
I gave up. thanks for your support :blush:

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