✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release


Unfortunately, the Embed card doesn’t render the video on the actual blog either. Woks great in the editor though :).


@Jesse_Houwing if you are using Casper then the relevant changes can be seen here, if you have a custom theme then you’ll need to update it accordingly.

Sorry, the Casper update was missed in the release, I’ll see if we can do a patch release tomorrow that includes the updated version of Casper.


That was my initial thinking. Thanks for confirming. I’ll need to work in the updated files then. I’m still on Casper so it should be easy. Is it just these css files that have changed?


Any news on this ✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release?


I’ve not been able to replicate it so far :disappointed: Would you mind sending me an export of your site? DM on here or kevin@ghost.org. Maybe there’s something specific to the data that is causing a problem :thinking:


Ghost 1.24.4 has been released containing a number of Koenig updates:

  • :sparkles: Ships with Casper 2.3.3 which has support for the recently introduced Embed card
  • :art: Focus URL input after creating embed card
  • :art: Keep posts free of blank cards
  • :bug: Fixed jump to bottom of story when deleting a list
  • :bug: Fix embedding of multiple FB Videos

This release changes how we display embed cards in the editor. Please let us know if you run into any issues with embed cards not rendering correctly in the editor.


For us Grammarly users, I hope someone with dev experience can work on this.


What’s wrong with Grammarly + Ghost?


It spikes CPU usage - see ✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release


Right. Unfortunately. I love Grammarly Premium!


This is something interesting to me. However, I can only see memory spikes in my DO dashboard. CPU usage is consistent. I’ll be looking this closely from now on.

@em_div I am a Grammarly basic user.


If you’re using the latest release it’s because grammarly is disabled due to the issue


Yes, I am using the latest release and Firefox rather than chrome. I have a question here: Is it the desktop app related or browser specific issue?


It’s grammarly-specific - The post editor has an attribute which tells grammerly to back off


When I change the time to publish a post the numbers entered appear in both the time picker and in the post. Then the focus switches from the time editor to the content.

Pretty frustrating :slight_smile:


Good catch! I’ll definitely look into getting that fixed :slight_smile:


Another one.

When I create a white line between two existing paragraphs and the


Appears, when I then paste an image the image is appended to the end of the page, not just below the cursor.


Hi. I like the editor. The cards approach is similar to some other tools I used previously.

My issues with Ghost editing are really inherited from the previous Markdown approach (i.e. they apply to both the new and old editor/preview modes):

  • The preview font is too large - can this be changed?
  • In my published version of the site, images are floated left or right, and have a maximum width. So in the current (and old) editor, when it gets to preview, the images are far too large. Which renders the preview mode unusable. Is there a way to suppress images (or cards) in the preview?
  • Similarly, if there were a way to float an image card and give it maximum width (or specify this in markdown without dropping into HTML) I would mind less

I probably need to play a bit more as there are likely some features I’ve missed on the first pass.


@Jesse_Houwing which version of Ghost are you using? I believe this was fixed in 1.24.4, when you open the publish menu the card should be deselected automatically so the caption input won’t capture any key presses.


Ghost 1.24.5 has been released containing new Koenig features and bug fixes:

  • :sparkles: Toggle list types using MD list syntax
    • type -, *, 1, or 1. followed by a space at the beginning of any list item to change the type of list
  • :sparkles: Toggle existing paragraphs into lists using MD list syntax
    • type -, *, 1, or 1. followed by a space at the beginning of a paragraph to convert it to a list item
  • :art: Split list when pressing Enter on a blank list item
  • :bug: Fixed placement of dropped images
  • :bug: Fixed backspace deleting words
  • :bug: Fixed collapsed paragraphs when pasting rich-text (eg, copy/paste content from a website)
  • :bug: Fixed cursor jumping to title when pressing Up/Left on list items