Kudos/clap feature similar to Medium's claps?


Hi, has there been any discussion about a kudos/clap feature similar to the one on Medium?


love this idea. I’m not a huge fan of enabling the usual disquis trollbox, so a feature like this gives a great view of positive feedback.

Even if this isn’t built into ghost core, it could be a cool app marketplace opportunity.


This would be a great feature if you could integrate into ghost. :heart_eyes:


I don’t understand why this is not voted to top. Discuss is not liked by everyone.
Writing is an art and every artists prospers with claps and appreciation. A little Like, Clap and ThumbsUp on post does bring life to a blog post.


Thanks for this idea,

We need Thumbsup / Like / Clap feature in ghost cms :smile:


Nice idea!


Just in case not everyone is not aware of this, this is how you vote :slight_smile:


Upvoted :slight_smile:


I have reached a limit a while ago and cannot vote anymore.

Even more, I also get a 403 forbidden error when I click on the Limit button.


That’s odd. Votes are at 14 now so obviously past the limit.


Surely this feature may be dangerous as it can be artificially manipulated by the blog owner? On medium it works as blogs are not self hosted.


That’s a good point! Whilst I’d like a feature like this, manipulation can be dangerous. I can see a whole lot of pinging home stuff and a central point managed by ghost.org themselves being needed for this.

Oh well, maybe it could be a thing on Ghost(Pro)?


Alternatively just leave it as a kudos/clap feature without any benefits… like Reddit’s up/downvotes. I use Ghost for company blogs, there’s no point manipulating a vote system!


I can see another downside to kudos/clap systems, and that is the demoralising effect if you write something and nobody gives you a single clap in response (and in community based systems, people who get more ‘claps’ can create two-tier landscape of contributors by accident.

That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be something which could be included, and I’m not saying that anyone is wrong for wanting it as an option! Just sounding a warning note about some unanticipated social impacts that these systems can produce.

In other words, I would support the ability to optionally have this kind of feature.


This can probably be achieved client-side by themes using a library like Applause.


That is easily achieved only if there is an authentication system for visitors. I think we should wait until Ghost decides to build a commenting system where there will be a method for users to log in. That way a user can only votes once, twice etc. If you can’t wait, Firebase is your best friend :slight_smile:


easy solution to solving that potential issue - associate a like/clap/thumbs up with a micropayment. Make it cost. Maybe the more you click, the more it costs.


FWIW it seems like the kudos system on SVTLE doesn’t require a login, which is probably why it requires you to hover your mouse over it for a moment, makes it much harder for bots to try to game.