Logo and cover image is missing


Updated my blog theme to latest version of Polar - Minimal Blog and Magazine Ghost Theme. The logo and cover image are missing.


	<div class="navbar-header">
		<!-- start logo -->
		{{#if @site.logo}}
		<a class="logo image-logo" href="{{@site.url}}"><img src="{{@site.logo}}" alt="{{@site.title}}"></a>
		<a class="logo text-logo" href="{{@site.url}}">{{@site.title}}</a>
		<!-- end logo -->

Cover image

<section class="cover cover-home {{#if @site.cover_image}}has-image{{/if}}" {{#if @site.cover_image}} style="background-image: url({{@site.cover_image}});"{{/if}}>


I have uploaded both publication logo and cover in the Publication identity section

How can I fix this issue?


What version of Ghost are you running?

  • Version 1.25.5


The latest versions of those themes are for Ghost 2.0.

In general, you should always make sure you are on the latest version of Ghost before using the latest version of a theme, you should not expect every version of a theme to be backwards compatible with old versions of Ghost.

Themes are constantly updated to use the latest and greatest versions of features.


This guide is useful for all self-hosted Ghost users. If you are using Ghost(Pro) then you are automatically upgraded to the latest version of Ghost - Upgrade to Ghost 2.0

I thought i was using version 2 since I am a Ghost(pro) user. Anyhow, I upgraded to Version 2.6.0. But I still have the same problem.


I just noticed that all the of elements with @site helper are not rendered. Not only the logo and cover-image, but the title, url, and description are missing too.


The @site global wasn’t introduced until v2.10.

As you’re on Ghost(Pro) though, please drop us an email on support@ghost.org and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand directly :slight_smile:

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