Looking for a pro to migrate existing Wordpress blog to Ghost

Hey all, I’m using the hosted $200 USD monthly version.
I am looking for a pro to migrate my blog from Wordpress to Ghost and it should include the following:

  1. 100% SEO optimization, copy all meta desciptions from original posts, amp, schema, etc
  2. Copy all images and optimize for image size
  3. Setup full CDN support for images and content
  4. Copy all menus from the wordpress instance to appear in Ghost as well
  5. Install a magazine theme
  6. Make sure Pagespeed Insights shown 100% for desktop and for mobile.
  7. Obviosly - copy all articles as they appear in Wordpress and make sure that all internal links are working
  8. Setup a related articles plugin to appear under each post

Please shoot me an email if you’re interested in this gig and have done it before - abramson.uri@gmail.com


Hey @Uri_Abramson Our business plan includes support for migrating your content from other platforms, you can email support@ghost.org :relaxed:

It doesn’t include theme development or plugin development however - but it’s a start :slight_smile:

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I actually need it entirely done for me. Is this included?

So after a long email thread with support, I understand that many factors in the migrations are not going to be handled by you guys, even if I go for the enterprise plan. Any idea where I can find a technical person to assist?

You could checkout the marketplace category on this forum https://forum.ghost.org/c/marketplace :relaxed:

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