Looking for a theme that does this (SOLVED)

On my previous Wordpress install, I had a theme that had a “featured posts” box at the top. You told it how many posts to include and what category to use, and it would put that number of posts in that category in that box. Then, under that would be the rest of the posts in date order.

Here’s the catch – any post in that featured box did not show up down the page. And, posts in that category that were older than the ones in the box DID show up down the page. IOW, the featured box pulled the first N posts in that category, then all the rests of the posts (in that category or not) were in the remaining listing.

I’ve spent the afternoon looking at themes that had such a featured box at the top, but in every case so far, any posts in that box also showed up further down the page, sometimes multiple times. I understand that all the various layouts are using tag filters, so a post may show up more than once. However, is it just not possible to do what I’ve described in Ghost, and do it dynamically?


I’m using the Dashi theme and it has an option to have featured posts appear in a box. The theme config file also has an option to hide featured posts from the home page. So they would only appear in the featured posts box and not with the other posts further down the page.


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Thanks for the reply! I’ve looked at Dashi, and may come back to it.

For now, I learned that I could use the #unless helper to take care of the problem.

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