Looking for a way to get which tags from the list the post has

I’ll try to make it as simple as possible:

I have 5 posts that I load from the tag “Character-1”:
Now these 5 posts have “Zone” tags, for example:
Post 1-3 has tag “Zone-1” and post 3-5 have tag “Zone-2”

I have a list of zones, let’s say I have zone tags from 1-10
These zones can be reached at “/map/#zone1” “/map/#zone2” …
(not used as ID links, but altered with javascript to unhide the according div)

Now what do I want to do?
I want to list all the zones from “Character-1” being “Zone-1” and “Zone-2” in this case and link them to their url.
Something like this:

<a href="/map/#{Ghost Tag Zone Filter Name Code Here}">{Ghost Tag Zone Filter Name Code Here}</a>

P.S. I need the zone tags as on the “map” page I’m listing my posts according to their zone. Also note that these posts have other tags as well that have nothing to do with above like for example “Art” and “NFT”.

Or can I do this with JS? If so, please give me a hint :)