Lyla Theme Not Compatible with 3.12.1

Hi Team

Thanks for Ghost. It’s a very neat and clean tool. Just downloaded the new version of Ghost and the Lyla theme, but I have a feeling it’s not compatible with version 3.12.1.

When I make changes to the cost of the subscription or the currency type, the theme is then not updating the price/currency. Furthermore, even after putting in the Stripe keys, clicking on “subscribe”, nothing then happens.

Any advice?


Hey @master-cheif :wave: Would need more details on how you got your setup working and if you have any errors in your logs. To start with, can you tell if you installed a fresh version of 3.12.1 or upgraded from earlier version? What steps did you follow when setting up your members? What values are you having in your Stripe dashboard? Please provide as much information about the environment you are running as possible so we could investigate this further :wink:

Hey @master-cheif , with Pro account you can reach out to to solve any issue you have :wink: