Mail templates: Why almost identical files on two different folders? (mail > templates folder and the mail > templates > raw folder)

The mail folder (which is located on core > server > services > mail > templates has two versions of some files. For example the mail template named: invite-user.html has two almost identical files. One version is directly within the templates folder, the other is within the templates > raw folder.

The invite-user.html within the raw folder has some styles one cannot see on the other version that is directly on the templates folder. The files are pretty much the same. It makes me wonder. Maybe the Ghost core project takes the raw version and and transforms it to the version within the mail > templates folder? I really dont know

On this image one can see the file invite-user.html and 3 other files are “repeated” on two different folders.

These are the first ten lines of the invite-user.html within the raw folder, one can see the styles:

These are the first ten lines of the invite-user.html within the templates folder, as you can see it does not have a style tag like the other version on the raw folder:

That aside, the files are pretty much the same. So why use two slightly different versions?
I am not a programmer, but i am using Ghost to learn one real case of logical programming structure. Thanks in advanced!

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