Mailgun alternative for ghost bloggers? Unreasonable restriction from mailgun

Your post is inaccurate. See this …

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Yes, I now know it is hidden until you sign up for a paid account and then downgrade. This is obvious nowhere in the UI. My apologies for not reading the entire Mailgun site first.

You don’t need to read the whole site. It’s straightforward, and easy to integrate with Ghost and your domain.

I suppose everyone who enters new goes through this, I already have the flex plan, but to remove this I simply have to continue sending those who enter the newsletter, if I go over 9 everything starts to be damaged.

For some days.

Maybe I think I’ll end up sending my newsletters with convertkit and I’ll upload things here.
At convertkit I have a new plan that allows me to send free messages to more than 10,000 subscribers, it’s called the newsletter plan. I think it is not yet valid.

It is the only thing to avoid having to go through this disappointment with ghost and mailgun.

I should improve this integration or directly embed the form in Ghost.
If anyone has experience on how to do it well I would like to hear it.

This doesn’t really solve ths issue though. I have had clients with no sending history, which also got their accounts restricted with ConvertKit.

They might be more lenient, but any email provider would be caucious if somebody comes in and starts sending hundreds of emails out of nowhere.

You might also want to consider proper managed hosting solutions that include the newsletter sending as well.

Yeah, right now, your automation does not account for unsubscribes on both sides. If you’re set on ConvertKit, the cleaner solution might be integrating the form directly in your Ghost theme.

Though, I would argue, solving the issue with Mailgun might just be the more sustainable solution.

Thanks for answering jannis, the positive thing is that I am not sending massively, I start from 0, I even had a list in Substack and nisiqueira and I will export it.
So the mailgun ban should be removed, and in my case convertkit should not have any problem.

With make I have made the automation that when a contact is deleted in Ghost, it is also deleted in convertkit.

The detail is in the data update.
I ran into a problem here, because although convertkit in estesuper free plan, tells me the integrations option, it is not available for your plan so making a call to the api to get the id of the contact you can not do it.

So updating the contact is impossible.
Because I need to get the ID in convertkit.

And finally, if I put the convetnit subscription form in Ghost.
Should I do the automations in reverse?
So that the person can immediately have a user in Ghost right?

I would also like to see those who unsubscribe from convertkit unsubscribe from Ghost.
I think I can do this without any problem.

What I am not sure, if I want to use Converkit to send my newsletters is, if I put a subscription form on the Ghost page.

Or is it automatic as such?

What do you recommend me?

In that case with mailgun I could send some monthly or weekly newsletters. I still intend to remove the block with mailgun so that you can have peace of mind.

Everything you describe is possible. You can sync between Ghost and Convert kit. But the question is rather whether that’s the solution to the issue.

You are adding complexity that isn’t necessary.

Or to put it differently: the time spent on figuring out these automations and maintaining them is in no relation to the $4/month a managed hosting solution with newsletters included will cost you.

(And yes, I am biased on that, but beside that bias, this is a fundamental believe I have in technology. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.)

Of course, you would be absolutely right, if I didn’t have this possibility, I would stick 100% with a complete self-hosted program.

I would not be wasting my time in this case.

I will explain the case, and I know you are biased, I have seen thousands of your posts and you don’t even like to sell your hosting.

I’ll explain quickly, I have this Newsletter plan from Convertkit that lets me be in their partnership network, 10,000 free subscribers, (one) email sequence and welcome email etc.

All for free. This is not yet on their sales page they are kind of testing to compete with beehiiv and so that people who send a weekly Newsletter can do it with them.

Anyway I have this.

And apart I have a platform that has make integrated, for almost infinite use and I bought a LTV. For only 50$ in appsumo.
That is to say, I have make to use it for whatever I want, that’s why I start inventing.

On the other hand, I follow a lot what @Jay Clouse does, he has his page on Ghost with flair.

And he has everything integrated with convertkit.

The question is that he has a lot of resources and to do the integration that NC does, it is going to require code and things like that that I don’t have the knowledge to do.

Adding the form and so on. But well I know that I lack knowledge.

You are right that I got complicated for nothing.
When I can do what you tell me.
Maybe I’ll end up doing it and you know which door I’ll knock on.

But looking at the picture and money I do not lose as such. Convertkit is free for me.
And make is already paid forever. I don’t know if doing this is better for the ecosystem. Or is it negative.