May I install Ghost on LiteSpeed?


I am looking for a self-hosting MANAGED option that is not VPS, since I am not the most savvy person out there, and then I found

I talked to them about Ghost requirements and they said the biggest problem is NGINX, since they run on LITESPEED – all the other requirements would be ok. So… Do you guys know if I can install Ghost to run on LiteSpeed? Or it MUST BE Nginx?

Thank you very much :)

ps. If you know about any other self-hosting MANAGED options, I’m all ears. :)

Hey @borbs, lots of people use DigitalOcean to host their Ghost blogs. Have you checked them out?

I did, @DavidDarnes! But it’s VPS. I want a MANAGED one, so I don’t have to worry about the server, only my content and my CMS. :frowning:

Ah I see, sorry I didn’t realise what you meant by managed. Ghost doesn’t have to be on nginx. Litespeed should be fine, but are you sure GreenGeeks will be able to support Ghost? If you want it to be a fully managed install I would looking for a platform that specifically supports Ghost

Hey @borbs,

The big question about Hosting supporting Ghost is whether Hosting supports using NodeJS instances or not, whether the firewall is properly configured for this type of service, caching system, and other details.

Already in the part of the Web Servers (like Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed, Apache and etc) I do not see limitations, because they all accept the local Reverse Proxy that is necessary to connect in the local NodeJS instance.

If you have any questions OpenLiteSpeed has a reverse proxy tutorial at this link Setting up OpenLiteSpeed as a Reverse Proxy – OpenLiteSpeed

Hope that helps :)

@borbs My primary web server is a Managed VPS running multiple instances of Ghost within multiple instances of cPanel all under one WHM.

On my VPS I am running CloudLinux on top of CentOS, and LiteSpeed Web Server.

Here is a blog post I wrote, describing my setup…

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