membersApiInstance.reconfigureSettings is not a function

I get this error when trying to create an account on localhost:2368/admin:

membersApiInstance.reconfigureSettings is not a function


  1. Complete installing Ghost from source
  2. Switch to stable branch with git checkout stable
  3. Grunt dev to run Ghost in development mode.
  4. Visiting localhost:2368/admin after the admin client its been build
  5. Creating a new admin account.

Tried to do the whole process again wiping out the database with knex-migrator reset and populating a fresh database with knex-migrator init getting the same error.

Doing the exact same process on the master branch works fine with no errors.

OS X: Mojave 10.14.5 ( darwin x64)
Node: 10.15.3
Watchman 4.9.0
ember-cli: 3.9.0

Does anyone has any ideas?

Can you run yarn again in the top-level Ghost directory before running grunt dev? From the steps you’ve given you’ve switched branch but haven’t updated your dependencies to match.

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Yes that works. Thank you Kevin!