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Still no more news on this. It would be great to get an update from the Ghost team on where this functionality is at.

That said - Looking at the GitHub repo there’s a bunch of work being pushed around ‘Content Gating’ which would be part of a membership system, so maybe we’re not far off seeing this in action.

I don’t think this can be implemented in Gatsby. Gatsby is for “static sites”, and wouldn’t work well for dynamic content—things like “only display this page if the user has paid” can’t be implemented.

If you want only the “comments” feature, that can perhaps load in an iframe or externally like Disqus/Commento, with that part being on Ghost and the rest in Gatsby. But I doubt that’d be a priority at this point

Actually I was thinking about this thing …
I was pretty sure these features couldn’t work with Gatsby.

It’s really sad, it would be nice to find a way to make systems work like “only display this page if the user has paid” even on Gatsby.

But I don’t think there are solutions. I have seen that most sites made with Gatsby, for more complex functionalities, always make a redirect on other pages not created with Gatsby

@giacomosilli the thing is, Gatsby only generates static files. The only “logic” that could happen would be client-side JavaScript. Gatsby was designed to be this way; that’s what sets it and other static-site generators apart from regular webapps :gear:

So if you want to implement things like paywalls, you shouldn’t be using Gatsby in the first place. It was specially designed to not work that way :grimacing:

Do you have a specific reason for wanting to use Gatsby? Otherwise you could just move your site to pure :ghost:

My site is already completely done with Ghost :slight_smile:

I’m interested in Gatsby because I like React and I like his speed very much.

I also replicated my site with Gatsby, and I was intrigued to know what to do with more complex features like this.

Currently I don’t see solutions, I just have to stay with pure Ghost (I Love Ghost)

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Cool, love you

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Beautiful work. Super excited about this! :slight_smile: Say, in addition to subscription based recurring payments, is it also possible to utilize one time payments (already or in the future)? The context being “mini courses” on a certain topic that would work just perfect with this new membership approach.

Anyhow, thanks for making this happen!

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One-time payments are powerful. Powerful since they could effectively replace selling ebooks or mini-courses in a PDF or e-mail format, but instead on the website.

I don’t feel like I’m ready to activate monthly/yearly subscription plans yet, but I’m also super interested in one-time payments.

Let’s just say, I have some ultimate guide / mini-course on a niche topic, that I want to gate with a one-time payment, then it would be super nice to have that built in as well. In fact, it will probably be my biggest use case for now.

In any case, I feel like this feature is a big step forward, and I’m VERY excited to see this membership feature brought all the way to release version (it’s a beta version now).

Oh yay :tada: :confetti_ball: this is so exciting! :star_struck: :crazy_face: :grin:

I’m still on a Gatsby site, since I don’t have resources for a full-time paid host, but I am going to try this out the moment I get access. This would really take Ghost to a new level!

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@gingerman has a neat solution for how memberships on Gatsby could work here:

That would solve the problem of not being able to handle server-side login in the JAMstack. It’s not possible yet, since the memberships feature is too tightly integrated with the Ghost frontend. But they do plan to make it more decoupled once they’ve got the main functionality working, so we’ll be able to do it someday!

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I had already read this topic, well to know. I’m waiting :slight_smile:

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Great question @MLFromScratch & @juhaliikala! The new feature is based around a subscription model, so a constant stream of revenue. However Members is gated access to content based on email sign ups. So let’s say I have a premium course I want to sell to my audience for a one time payment. I could create my product on Gumroad, use Zapier to “zap” the email accounts of the people who buy it to Ghost, and set up Members so it only allows those people to access my content.

Here’s how to add Gumroad products to Ghost:

There’s also a section here on the Ghost Docs for Patreon on how to lock Members to prevent free signup:


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Really excited about this update and the additional revenue opportunities for my business!

Some questions:

  1. With the course example above, is it possible to allow paid members access to all courses and to also sell the courses individually, giving those who buy the course (and are not a paid member) access to only that course (not the standard paid member posts)? I would love for one of the paid member benefits to be access to courses as part of their monthly sub.

  2. Is it possible to integrate discourse with the membership so that the account syncs with membership (giving the ability to show who is a free member and a paid member in the forum and in comments on posts)?

  3. Is it possible to have adverts show for non-members and members, but to not show for paid members?

Hi @Izak_Jackson :wave:. I’d highly recommend you checkout the new Members documentation that should shed light on most of your queries:

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I like that! Getting more excited about the possibilities by the minute. Time to build a new site and start playing with it! :smiley:


Had a look through the docs but have another query.

Are there plans to add “Member Deleted” and “Paid Member” options in Zapier? These will be important for some of the functionality I would like to get out of this feature.

i.e. Paid members getting an additional newsletter and being taken off the list if they cancel their membership. Or store coupons that are created when becoming a paid member and that expire when paid membership is cancelled etc.

If you wanted to send different newsletters depending on whether a member has paid or not you could connect Stripe directly to your mail service, for example Mailchimp. You could have a Zapier ‘zap’ sends subscribers from your Stripe account to one Mailchimp list and another zap for sending non-paying members from Ghost to another Mailchimp list. Lots of options/combinations can be found on the Zapier site: