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Another excellent decision, this is truly awesome.

Will we have a working example even with Gatsby?

Hi everyone. I am new here. I just start using Ghost and I really like it :grinning:

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Looking at release notes we can see there is already some kind of “Members” area implementation ( but, as far as I know, it is still not available in production.

We’ll have some more news about this soon, in the mean time the best source of news around this subject area in general is the new newsletter which we just launched :slight_smile:


your link is just redirecting to the unspecific publisher weekly page - im assuming thats a mistake @John ?

Should we sign up here - ? Or is there a specific publisher weekly signup page that is more targeted to Ghost news? Or maybe publisher weekly is just a collection of a lot of different providers and there is no filter, no specific feeds … im not sure.

It’s not redirecting anywhere - it’s linking to exactly the intended location

This is fantastic! Perhaps also have one time payment for lifetime access option?

This is a feature set that I’m keenly waiting on. Just got started with Substack a couple months ago and I’m now in the need for a little more control over custom domains, SEO tweaking, tags, etc, but I’m hesitating to get started trying to wire together Ghost and Mailchimp in case this release comes out right after! Do we have any idea how soon these features will become available? Is it worth holding off on the switch for now?


@John Do you will do a demo of these features even in gatsby-starter-ghost? thank you

I would like to know because I want to use gatsby, this is a function that interests me a lot, but if it is not on gatsby I will have problems developing it on my own

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