Memberships & Subscriptions

Add full membership support to Ghost, allowing readers to sign up, login, and comment on stories. Having readers become members opens up a lot of exciting future functionality, including:

  • Paid subscriptions (like Stratechery or TheInformation)
  • Personalised reading recommendations based on reading history (like Amazon)
  • Personalised email newsletters based on user history (like Product Hunt)
  • Detailed analytics on a per-user basis (allows advanced tools like Mixpanel/Kissmetrics to be used)
  • Full community integration with Discourse via Single Sign On
  • User submissions (like Hacker News)

Memberships as a core part of Ghost would primarily make the platform far more powerful in terms of the type of sites that can be built with it, and the types of apps and services which are able to integrate. This is an idea I’ve been toying with for a very long time.

I’d love to see the addition of this natively to ghost.

Being able to tag sections of stories to be ‘membership only’ would be great, perhaps even having inline signup for non-members too.

We’ve drafted up a roadmap internally for adding user accounts and memberships (which is currently on hold) and this would save me a headache!

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IMO especially the comment feature is one of the most missed features. A blog usually has the ability to comment posts, but Ghost is missing this. You always have to use an external service like Disqus, but it would be much more attractive, if this could be build in.

But I also like your other ideas!


Kinda excited by this one. Ties into my future plans very nicely.



Eager to learn more.

I am requesting few extra feature like ( Coupons, Membership Discount Offer, Sponsored or Featured Post Purchase system etc)

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Super cool, would love to see this happen

I like that model, where sections could be password protected.

@John Hi I am glad that this feature is planned and hopefully we will see it in future. Is there any ETA for now?

When Ghost team release it?

Hey John, this sounds great. Considering the existing Zapier integration, would it be possible to connect to an existing service like Patreon, so that the membership isn’t tied to Ghost itself but the funding source of choice? I think that a lot of folks already have payment systems set up that would be tough to move over, but without a lot of glue connecting their various ideas to actual technology that they use.

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Is there any update or planned roadmap available? Am scoping a project at work and this feature would strongly make Ghost a strong candidate

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We do not do ETAs or roadmaps. Please read the guidelines for this category: About the Ideas category


John, this is a great idea! What happened to the passport-ghost project? Is this envisioned as a continuation or a replacement of that project?

Uff… besides routing, if this is implemented, John, Ghost is going to skyrocket… If we keep like this, at one point we’ll say: WordPress? What’s that? ahahha jk not at that point, but it will skyrocket! +1


hey! are you considering the possibility to subscribe to a “collection”, tag’s group or author?. I suppose that if the content has a curator, that should be enough for simple but interesting newsletters. thx!

Hi! I have a Patreon page and a Ghost blog and would like to put a tag behind Patreon login. I am pretty handy with Node but I don’t know where to start. Has anyone implemented this before?



Moved to existing feature request topic - we’re more likely to build this directly into Ghost directly rather than use Patreon, but it should all be possible eventually


Seriously looking forward to this. It’s the biggest thing that Ghost is missing, imo.

But if a flawless integration can be made with Discourse’s commenting system, I think it would be a better solution.

  • Full community integration with Discourse via Single Sign On