MigrationsAreLocked error on startup

I’m seeing this problem when creating a fresh azure app service app, loading a ghost container. If I don’t try to map the content folders to the azure ‘home’ folder, all starts OK but I lose my data every time the app service shuffles things around internally.

If I attempt to map the ‘home’ folder to the content directory, I get this MigrationsAreLockedError

This is my docker compose file

version: '3.2'


    image: ghost:2.2.4-alpine
    restart: always
      - 80:2368
      - ${WEBAPP_STORAGE_HOME}:/var/lib/ghost/content

Any idea why this volume mapping should cause the migration error on a brand new installation? Something to do with it trying to set up the default site and failing?

I’ve tried just mapping the /var/lib/ghost/content/images (so at least I don’t lose all my images) but that just fails to run.

I asked in the ghost docker github issues, but they suggested asking here - but it seems that nobody here has any experience with the whole MigrationsAreLocked error?

Ah well, nobody ever did reply here. I’ve ditched ghost containers as unusable on Azure at the moment, and moved to a standard install on a VM which turns out to be orders of magnitude simpler, faster and cheaper to run. So much for the promise of docker.

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