Minimize / Remove Redirect Chains

Analyzing my site in GTmetrix I often get the suggestion to “Remove the following redirect chain if possible”.

Does anyone know a way to avoid this?

Hmm, I wonder if they could be eliminated by modifying the use of the asset size option in Handlebars? Does this issue get picked up in other performance tests? Like on and ?

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So @DavidDarnes I had a bit of crazy fun in a race to the bottom, documenting my process which you can see here…

There you can see the gymnastics I went through to deal with the reported Redirect Chains.

Are there directories that are meant to be automatically created to contain various re-sized versions of some images based on the various asset size options?

Anyway, I achieved my 100% SpeedTest on GTmetrix, Google Page Speed Insights, and WebPageTest…

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