Mixed content warning


My website is https://discoverghost.com.

I change the URL to contain https and I’m getting a mixed content warning. To fix it do I need to update the custom theme and add https in front of the image URL set for logo, etc. ?


If you’re self hosted, you need to update the site url for your instance.

The best way to do this is run the following command in your installation directory: ghost config url https://discoverghost.com && ghost restart - this will update the URL and restart ghost.

If you’re using Ghost (Pro), you should email support.

You also have a couple of resources that have the scheme hardcoded, such as Google Fonts. You need to update that in your theme.


Hey Vikas,

Thanks for the quick reply. I ran the command you mentioned earlier after which I started getting the issues.

P.S. For my 2 other ghost sites, this went smoothly.


In that case, you probably have hardcoded schemes (like google fonts).

The assets I’m seeing not loading properly are:

  • Google Fonts
  • Mailchimp
  • Ad for stretch

These all seem to be from elements that are hardcoded in your theme - the next step is to make sure the scheme isn’t hardcoded there.

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