Modify what is being displayed on the website tab bar

Hello all,

I followed this guide to set a static home page for my website. Everything is working fine but I could not figure out how to edit what is being displayed on my tab bar when I go to https://(mywebsite)/blog

I setup the routes.yaml based on what is being shown in the guide

    permalink: /blog/{slug}/
    template: index

Any help would be appreciated!

Instead of Chenming Yong (Page 1), I would like it to display something like Articles by Chenming Yong, not sure if it’s possible?

Ghost Bar not displaying correctly

Thank you!!

The browser tab displays the content of the tab. This is set by the post title or Title and Description in Settings > General.

Hello @mjw thanks for your reply, I did create a page with Page URL point to blog with a proper title but it’s not showing correctly as well. Not sure what steps I miss. Here I attach screenshot for your reference as well.

For the home page, you can add more text (up to 300 chars.) using the Meta title in Settings > General > Meta data.

However, since you have created a collection under /blog/ this will use the site title with page appended. This is to be expected. You don’t need to create a page called blog, since this is defined by routes.yaml. I imagine you’d have to change core code to change this behaviour (or inject JavaScript.)

Hello @mjw thank you for your reply, you are right, most probably I will have to resort to code change or javascript injection for my use case which I am not familiar with at the moment. Let me do more google search and will update here if I manage to find a solution! Thanks!