Multi-author management


Hi folks, I’m thinking of migrating from WP to ghost and would value your advice! In particular I love the idea of using Ghost Pro as a PaaS.

However, the staff users limit on Ghost Pro is extremely restrictive for us, since we are a volunteer-led organisation and have 40-50+ active contributors in any given month.

As a workaround I’m thinking that perhaps we could have 5 admins/editors and then ask contributors to submit their content in some way other than using the Ghost admin, meaning we don’t need to create them as a staff user and therefore pay for an enterprise account.

A couple of questions

  • In theory can I create dozens of authors who never log in, so that the content is organised correctly and people receive a byline? (but since they are not logging in, we therefore don’t need to pay for them?)
  • Does anyone know of any integrations that exist for this purpose of submitting draft content?

Thanks very much!


For questions regarding GhostPro you can contact the team at (as the community cannot really answer this question).


OK I see, thank you

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