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I have a couple of questions, I’ll put them all here to avoid multiple posts :slight_smile:

I was reading:


and I was wondering, besides using subdomains, can I have in a single server 1 node app and inside that app, have multiple blogs?

The main app would be the one I would manually establish the routes (if so, would the main app has to have the template engine handlebars or can it have ejs? Wouldn’t it conflict?)


I was taking a look at Dokku, has anyone play around with it?

To understand better the needs, what I’m trying to do is have a domain and have 1 blog:

also have 1 site for certain game

What would you recommend?

In the case that I decide the subdomain, how would it work regarding the current blog posts? I have some internal links, would I have to change it manually?

Also is there a way to witch to my own template language? (ejs)

Thanks for the help


I was wondering that myself. It seems like Link1 would be the easiest way to do it, by setting up multiple instances of Ghost running (Make sure to backup your server before you try that). I tried to set something like that up using WordPress using Wordpress Multisite but I ran into so many errors that I gave up and just used subdomains and multiple instances of wordpress. Setting up sub-blogs can be pretty complicated and tiresome and so that was the best way to do it (with Wordpress anyway).


sub blogs are easy, you are just using a sub domain, it’s the same thing, I have 2 running now, but what I’m thinking to do is 1 app that hosts muliple blogs after: , I don’t like to have a sub name before the domain, those subdomains are a little annoying haha

I’ll look into it monday maybe, I’m thinking what I want to do first, that’s a curiosity I had


This is a question that is resolved with a reverse proxy. It’s not a Ghost question per say as any app can be under your custom sub-domains. I would look into nginx to do this.



Thanks for the tips, I’ll look into it


Assuming you have 1 VPS instance, you can do the following:

  • Use Docker Containers and run each Ghost Blog instance in their own Docker containers. Then using Nginx, you can assign a subdirectory or a subdomain or a new domain name to each blog. I do this for myself for a similar concept but not multiple GhostJS blogs. I’m confident it should work. You’ll have to adjust the config file in the GhostJS blog instances though which might take some playing around.

  • Another method which I haven’t tried was installing each Ghost blog under its own folder in /var/www.

I personally prefer the Docker way since it splits each of them but keeps them in 1 VPS instance while making maintaining each of them separately and easily. Hope this helps!


Docker would be a good way but the cost is not jejej I’m trying to optimize the cost, and docker I believe that require different vps for each instance, right?

There was another solution which sounds interesting, it’s dokku, which runs all in 1 instance, but for now I decided that I’m going to work more on the content and later on I’ll do the routing and stuff. I’m wasting too much time and need to clear the ideas jejej



The answers here are good suggestions for how to run multiple instances of Ghost on a single server.

To directly answer the question in the title of this topic: Ghost is not multi-tenant, and does not have the ability to run multiple sites off a single instance.


afern247 is there a way to support multi blogging using different domains/sub-domains now? If so, can you point me to the docs where I can read about it?


Multi-blogging? Do you mean having 2 instances of ghost?
You can do it easily with subdomains if you are requiring having them both under the same domain.

For example: and

ghost 1 and 2 are different ghost blogs, is that what you mean?


One single instance, similar than your request BUT based on domains or sub-domains (, instead of your original request ( &

I’m looking to share the same core across different domains.


There are multiple ways to accomplish that, they easiest with less work that comes to mind is have your second domain mirror the first, listenting to it to the same port number, for example: technically a subdomain is another domain, so you could have: and listening to the same port and pointing to the same data. Keep in mind that if you do that, you will be affecting your SEO, since you are duplicating data. I would not recommend that.

You can also use proxies.

Keep in mind that the best solution for what you need is also an external DB :slight_smile:


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