Multiple Blogs - One Subscription?



Is it possible to have three blogs (with three different URLs) with one ghost subscription? I ask because I seem to remember years ago that the Pricing Plans would say things like 1 blog, 3 blogs, etc.

I could combine all three into one blog and just use tags to differentiate the posts, but is it possible to have a basic plan and run three websites off of it? Assuming that the traffic doesn’t go over the plan minimum for all combined?

Basic Plan, $29
Blog 1 @ www.b l o g1 .com
Blog 2 @ www.b l o g2 .com
Blog 3 @ www.b l o g3 .com

Is that possible? If not I will learn tags well enough to keep all the content separated well. I did find this question:

Which implies that something similar is possible, but it’s not quite the question I was asking.



I don’t want to be a pest, but surely this is a straightforward question using Ghost hosting?


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