My four hours of frustration before giving up

First things first: I am not a greenhorn. I have built many gatsby starters, and have a maintained site running on Gatsby up on Netlify. So it was with great hopes I looked at a bunch of candidates, chose ghost, and installed the starter.

Right out of the box, it was broken. There are two open issues that reflect what happened–at fatal error at first boot-one of them now open for months. Apparently those sorts of impediments (!! Fatal error!!) aren’t enough to get the bugs looked at.

I did finally find the issue (version problem requiring different Gatsby package than comes with the starter!!) and got the site up. Looked it over well, read a bunch of the help articles that came with it. Now it’s time to fire up the editor and check it out. . .

Ummm, how DOES one fire up the editor? That would be a great question for your FAQ, because after going through page after page of your documents, reading the FAQ, looking at issues, Googling “How to bring up Ghost editor” and looking at the various config files in the source code:

I give up.

If you’re on localhost, likely http://localhost:2368/ghost
The address and port are typically logged to the terminal window when you start ghost,