My site navigation disappeared after 5.0 upgrade


My site ( was upgraded to 5.0 and now the header logo is missing and none of the primary nav menus are visible. Before the upgrade, I ran the ghost Gscan tool and I only got two “yellow light” warnings (see below) which I did not fix.

There should be 7 primary nav links and a header image that aren’t showing.

Any suggestions would be helpful; I am a newbie, not a developer but I can make basic .txt file changes and repackage to .zip for upload if it’s that’s simple…


Remove "engines.ghost-api" from package.json

The "ghost-api" version is no longer used and can be removed.
Find more information about the package.json file here.

"card_assets" will now be included by default, including bookmark and gallery cards.

Hide details

The "card_assets" property is enabled by default and set to true (include all) if not explicitly set.
Find more information about the card_assets property here.