"Native" comments for Ghost

If you want to get with me about it, you can DM me. I do not think this sort of stuff is meant for the public… just like I told that one person because they knew what they were doing and got called out on it.

Can we please try to keep this thread on topic. @dan originally created this topic to promote his product and answer a few open queries. If you have tangental questions, or need support, then use the appropriate channels.

I’m sure everyone would benefit from using more suitable forms communication than an open forum thread :blush:


Revisiting this thread after a hiatus. Last time I came, I skipped by as paying for services was not an option. But now that my publication is launching a membership programme, we can thinking of paying for services, at least some time in the future.

I just noticed the “one-off lifetime access” options on the Regular and Basic plans: what’s all that about? And I get that it’s more sustainable than a free plan, but still, will you be able to manage that through the long term?

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Hi Badri!

Thanks for checking out Cove again.

The lifetime plan is there because some organisations don’t want to (or can’t) pay a monthly subscription. It’s a way to buy Cove with a single payment. The idea is to guarantee access for at least three years post payment, but ideally Cove will always be around as long as Ghost is. :slight_smile:



Dan, hello!

Thank you for your interesting product.
Just setup trial to test, but something went wrong. Error message: “Comments couldn’t be loaded because no ‘contentId’ was sent.”

Personally, can we delete these shit talking comments (including this one) because it’s not the place. Cove is great, I’ve used it personally and I think it’s well integrated and does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Hi! I replied a fix via email :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben!!

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This looks really great! I’m going to give this a try for our new membership site. I love that it is based on the existing membership system as well. I’m hoping we can just offer commenting as an additional reason to become a paid subscriber.

Also on the pricing front - I think the pricing is very fair considering it works with the membership system. One paid member at $10/month and the cost is covered.

(Now I just need to find a developer to build us build a custom theme - but will definitely include this in the pipeline)

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Dan, thanks. I’m sorry the solution you suggested didn’t fix the error. I will heed your recommendation to contact the theme developer.

Thanks for your kind words @kristofor :sparkles:
Please ping me if you need any help when you come to integrate Cove.

Sounds like a great idea! Like I said, I’ll certainly check back once I can afford it :slight_smile:

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Hi, @dan . First of all, congratulations on the amazing project, I’ve been testing it for a few days and it exceeded my expectations.

Just one question, is it possible to show if the user who is commenting is a paid or free member?

I have two categories of members on my site, one free and one paid, and it would be interesting to display an emblem indicating which of the two the user is registered with. Just as it is displayed in member comments on YouTube channels.

@dan just did a small test and have found 2 issues.

  1. On page load the loading spinner is Huge -> https://imgur.com/a/Pl74mLZ
  2. when emoji’s are enabled the comment box is in the way -> https://imgur.com/a/2Hgl9j7

Hi Nicolai, can you send me the link to your website? I think there are some conflicts with your theme’s CSS styling here. I haven’t seen these issues before. Thanks!

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HI Jamil. That’s a nice idea! I’ll add it to my roadmap. There is some complexity to this as the “paid member” status can change at any time (for example if they cancel or a payment failed). I’ll try to come up with an elegant solution. Thank you for the suggestion!

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there you go

You are joking? Am I paying for a blog and still have to pay for comments?

@Egor_K please take a moment to review the Ghost Code of Conduct.

This topic is about the discussion of a third-party commenting solution for Ghost. As extensively discussed across the forum, Ghost does not have built-in comments, but there are several options available, some free and others paid. If you have any questions or comments about Cove as a product, feel free to post them here. Other discussions should be posted on a different thread or a new topic, given it is within the Code of Conduct

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Hi Egor. To use Cove, yes you need to pay, but not much!
There are other free options though, like Disqus or Hyvor Talk. It depends on which platform suits your use case best.