"Native" comments for Ghost

Thanks Vikas!

any plans to integrate the billing in with Ghost’s ?
not sure what the admin dashboard looks like, but is it integrated into the ghost admin dashboard?


Cove will always be a separate product so it’s not possible to integrate billing with Ghost (especially as Ghost can be hosted on a number of different hosts).

The Cove admin is its own application (at app.cove.chat). It looks like this:

Hi @dan I’m trailing out Cove and have left a message via your Help box and a DM in this forum. Be great to go through a few queries as my trial period ends in a week. Thanks :slight_smile:

Please send any specific service requests to my email dan@cove.chat, not this forum. It’s not helpful for others.

OK I’ll check now, thanks!

I will do, thanks.

Hi Dan, currently I think you have the pricing set such that both the basic and regular plans are limited to 1 site only, and then there’s a big jump to unlimited sites on the pro plan. Any chance you’d consider increasing the maximum number of sites on the regular plan to 3 or maybe even 5? I think you’d probably get a lot more customers (like me). I’m not planning to have paid subscribers/members so $25/month would be too much for me.

Hi Donald,

I’m not planning to add more sites on the Regular plan. The get-around is to create new Cove accounts for each site.

There isn’t a big jump to the Pro plan; priced at $25, you start saving money as soon as you add a third site. It is meant to be cost effective once you go over two sites.

If I can be blunt, offering 3–5 sites for $10 makes no sense for me as the business owner. That’s as little as $2/site. I just don’t want to to run a service that cheaply.

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No problem at all, Dan. I understand. I have no idea what your expenses are etc.

And for people who are running monetized blogs/websites, the $25 option is probably very affordable, especially if they are running 3.

What you have built looks great anyway. Best of luck with everything :slightly_smiling_face: