Native Portuguese Speaker

My name is Andrew … you can call me Andrew. I have been looking analyzing GHOST for some time. On the past i believed in ENVATO, so I participated as a translator of their posts. You can check this… Honestly it is quite different when we do a native language translation…
English language is a big problem for the Brazilian market.
Unlike a lot of people think, Brazilians speak Portuguese rather than Spanish.
I really want to help with such a beautiful idea as Ghost. It would even be voluntary.
I develop in HTML, CSS, JS and so on … But honestly, I’m more a business person than a developer. I’ve worked in the music and video business for long time.

I love design + Code + Spreadsheets + Markenting + Social Media
I am not the best the best … But i can do some things…
I’m very proactive … As you can see I’m crazy enough to write this post …

Congratulations to GHOST