New Ghost(Pro) Plans & Pricing


Today we are announcing a new set of plans and pricing for our Ghost(Pro) service. I'd like to share some details of how and why we're doing this. Tl:dr; We're increasing plan prices and increasing the resources in each plan. It's a better model for us and more value for money for you. Also: No more penalities for traffic spikes.

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Hmmm, I’m a bit confused here. I can see that this was only posted on March 31st, but it shows a personal plan of $10 per month. Then there’s a post on May 9th showing $19/month, I was paying $29/month and now I can see the lowest price is $79/month. That’s quite a hike :scream:

(Note: I’m assuming that the dates are this year, otherwise it would show a different year, right?)


@talkingnews It’s a 2014 blog post. I think old blog posts were added to this new forum this year (2018), so there is some confusion about the dates, unless we click on the “original entry” link.

About your other question, they recently said:

anyone who signed up early and maintained an active subscription is always grandfathered on early adopter pricing for life.


Well, this is nice to see - although there’s no announcement or blog entry, it looks like the pricing has been reverted. I did wonder how a 3x hike was sustainable… good move, Ghost!


No problems with discussing our plans/pricing - but this topic is a comment thread for an unrelated blog post from 2014 and it’s getting extremely confusing, so I’m going to close it for now.

We regularly update Ghost(Pro) pricing - usually every 12-18 months - and existing customers are always grandfathered on pricing. Any changes to pricing only ever apply to new customers.