New install. Caching. Live engagement with members

Hi, and thank you for this software that took I’m sure $Ms to develop. And I get it for free.

I had a wp blog for years. Had not worked on it in years and decided to get back into it. Logged in to wp. OMG, all those plugins! Got a headache.

I rekindled my interest because I want to offer a paid newsletter subscription. Ghost does it. Built-in. No plugins. Simple, fast, secure.

I’m not a tech wizard, but I was able to buy a cheap Ubuntu 20.04 VPS, installed ghost. I’m up ad running. In wp I installed one more, erhmm plugin, the Ghost export one. Exported, imported into Ghost.

I have some questions on different topics, but I’ll just write here. If I need more in-depth answers, I can open individual threads.

I’m obsessed with making things as fast as possible. I am still confused as to why sometimes cache-status in firefox shows missed or expired. Tweaked cloudflare and config file settings based on @Ludovic_Toinel (thanks, Ludovic). From your neck of the woods, how’s is looking? Radu tennis

Live engagement:
I want to engage. I see comments are built into Ghost! Awesome!
To paid members I want to offer live lessons or webinars. What do big-time Ghosters use for that? I hate facebook and dislike google, too. I know I can do free live streams or webinars through them. But I want a simple integration with Ghost to where my member clicks a link and joins.

I am using the solo theme. I like casper, too. Simple. Fast. Is there a code I can insert somewhere to make the featured image smaller for the post page?

I’m sure there will be more questions.

Thank you,

I think this post hasn’t attracted an answer because it’s asking several unrelated questions. Try starting over with posts that focus on a single question or topic.