New install, https and too many redirects

I have now completed the third full install and i’m just tired …
I use a virtual server from Hetzner, Ubuntu 18 and follow the official installation instructions. The installation itself is successful and according to the console without any errors, but I can connect via the numeric ip only.
My actually configured domain generates the error message “Too many redirects” and http: does the same. The guides to the test page of nginx and is finally working (after persuading the browser many times).
Of course, I have spent an extra hour in the various forums, but the different approaches, config files, paths and versions driving me crazy.
Is there still a chance for me to get the whole thing up and running? works for me locally, do you have some local caching maybe?

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… Ok, this is strange. Of course i deleted my cache and used a second browser, too. Perhaps my DNS changes needs more time (12 hours ago)?

Yeah, depending on the TTL of your DNS records you could need longer. You can also try to flush your DNS cache on your machine :slight_smile: (OS specific so I can’t really help you there)

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You’re right – I turned my mobiles Wifi off and voilá! Sometimes you just have to wait :-)
But is there a solution for “” too? My (mobile) browser alerts “No secure connection possible.”
Thank You!

Nice! Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

The solution for would be to redirect from to at the nginx level, something like:

server {
    return 301$request_uri;
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