Newsletter Failsafe with Zapier and GoogleSheets

Hey everyone! I decided to build a system to automatically notify me if our daily newsletter doesn’t get delivered by a certain time each day – that way, if we make a mistake and fail to properly schedule our newsletter, we’ll get a reminder before it’s too late.

The system is built with Zapier and GoogleSheets; I did a brief writeup here with copies of my Zap and GoogleSheets code, but I’m not honestly sure how clear or executable the writeup would be right now.

Would other publishers be interested in implementing this system? If so I can try to document it better, perhaps make a short video walkthrough, etc. And if anyone has a better system for throwing an alert when a certain email doesn’t arrive by a certain time each day please let me know – feels like it should be possible to do it inside an email client itself, I just couldn’t figure out a way to do that!


Awesome idea :ok_hand: