Newsletter registration link not sending Email even though I see success message

Hi all,
Before I start with the issue I am facing, I wanted to provide details about my blog, ghost version and installation:

  • My blog URL:
  • Ghost Version: 4.14.0
  • Ghost installed using Digital Ocean Droplet from the marketplace.
    I have set up SMTP mail (using Mailjet) in the config.development.json file and I am able to send emails to reset login passwords. I was hoping that it would work also for newsletter subscription registration forums. Interestingly, I do not see any error when I enter a test email and it shows a success message saying “I should see my inbox for a confirmation email”. The only thing is that email never arrives. I was hoping someone can help me fix this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance


Do you have any logs from Mailjet?

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. So I realised that the newsletter registration confirmation emails were actually being sent from (which Mailjet asked me to confirm first, saw it in the dashboard). Then I tried to change this email address to “” but then the confirmation email was sent from (which also I had to create first and then confirm in Mailjet dashboard). And after that, I understood the problem and was able to fix it.

Thanks a lot for help.

Have a great weekend!!