No schema with key or ref ""

Installing Ghost locally
Downloaded source for ghost using

To Reproduce

  1. unzip files to working_folder Ghost-2.19.0
  2. "npm install" followed by
  3. "npx knex-migrator init"
  4. finally "npm start"
  5. setup admin page
  6. http://localhost:2368/ghost
  7. edit post
    update show error Internal server error, cannot edit post. no schema with key or ref “

Below Error Log is spit out in console

ERROR [2019-08-16 14:12:31] “PUT /ghost/api/v2/admin/posts/5d1edb018123bb128529b196/” 500 24ms

no schema with key or ref “

Error ID:

Technical details:

Ghost Version: Ghost-2.19.0
Node Version:v8.10.0
Browser/OS:Firefox / Ubuntu

Have you tried following the official local install instructions? It may be useful to try those first so that there’s something to compare your custom install steps against (eg, using npm vs yarn could give you different dependency versions)