Node 12.6.0 Ghost Not Working

I’m having problems installing Ghost locally:

ghost install --local                                                          1 ↵  ⚙  2561  08:39:30
✖ Checking system Node.js version
✔ Checking current folder permissions
✔ Checking memory availability
One or more errors occurred.

1) Checking system Node.js version

Message: The version of Node.js you are using is not supported.
Supported: ^8.9.0 || ^10.13.0
Installed: 12.6.0
See for more information

Debug Information:
    OS: Mac OS X, v10.14.5
    Node Version: v12.6.0
    Ghost-CLI Version: 1.11.0
    Environment: development
    Command: 'ghost install --local'

Try running ghost doctor to check your system for known issues.

You can always refer to for troubleshooting.

Hey @matthewfelgate :wave:

It looks like you have node version 12.6.0 installed! Node v12 is not supported by Ghost as outlined in the FAQ:

You should be able to install by downgrading to LTS 8.x or 10.x :slight_smile:

Do you know when the latest version of NODE will be supported?

When it becomes LTS (as was outlined in the docs I linked to :wink:)

Hi ! :slight_smile:

That’s the version of Node I used to install Ghost locally, but I still have some errors,

What version do you mean? LTS or node 12?

HI, here’s the link of the problem : Error installing ghost locally,

That’s Node 10.16.0.